Comfortable villas for any season

The Cantar del Viento has been designed to serve as a Boutique Hotel. It has 6 different and elegant Villas, all with a view to the rock; 4 of them, with terrace and view to the rock even from the bed.

Its maximum capacity of lodging is for 23 people, and in special events; up to 80 guests For your convenience, only children over 6 years of age will be accepted, except when a group occupies at least 4 of the Villas. For those occasions there is a wide and independent natural play area where children will have space to let their imagination fly.



Calle Los Arcos No. 3, Barrio el Gallito, El Gallito, 76680 Peña de Bernal, Qro.

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T. (441) 296 4639

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