You will love the semi-desert of Queretaro

The municipality of Colón is located in the antechamber of the Semidesert Queretano, the vegetation in this area includes some nopaleras and bushes, but the most important cactáceas that are here are located in the forest and submontane scrub areas of the municipality.

Casa de Cactus San Martín is a family project dedicated to propagate, conserve and commercialize cacti. It specializes in the management of cacti and other succulent plants, as well as in the conservation and use of the wild flora of the place. There is sale and exhibition of cacti and other species, sale of handicrafts and it is also a place of rest and recreation.

Tip: To get to Casa de Cactus San Martín you have to take the entrance to the Peña de Bernal, 2 km after the big bridge, there is access to this site.

Monday to Sunday from 11:00 to 17:00 h.



Km 5, Acceso a Ezequiel Montes, Colón, Querétaro.

Contact phones

T. (441) 103 2388

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