Place par excellence of the semi-desert of Queretaro

Cadereyta de Montes received the appointment of Magic Town in August of 2011, in recognition of its magic and medicinal wisdom inherited from the nomadic Chichimeca Pames and Jonac peoples that inhabited this region.

In the historic center of the town you can walk through its main square and visit the temple of San Pedro and San Pablo, El Pilancón, the fountain of Pinito and the Grande fountain. In Cadereyta is the Quinta Fernando Schmoll, an important nursery dedicated to the reproduction of the cactus, it has an extensive collection of specimens brought from different places in America and Africa.

An attraction that you should visit is the Regional Botanical Garden of Cadereyta, also called Eng. Manuel González de Cosío in honor of the former governor of the State of Querétaro from 1961 to 1967. It is located next to the municipal capital, has a collection of more than 3 thousand different plants, among which the cactus stand out as biznagas and organs, although magueyes and izote plants can also be observed.

In the middle of the dam of Zimapán is a camp, La Isla Tzibanzá, this is composed of cabins and a pool, you can fish in the dam and enjoy the tranquility of the place. The archaeological zone of Toluquilla is another one of the attractions that can not miss in your journey.

The local gastronomy is characterized by the consumption of the fruits that the semidesert plants provide, such as: the garambullo, the 'guamichi', the tuna, the pitaya, among many others; as well as products of animal origin among them, honeys and eggs, as well as some insects are consumed as: grasshoppers, maguey worms and 'chamueses', mainly for the preparation of sauces. Another important product obtained from the semi-desert is pulque de maguey, since it has played a very important role in the development of the region, especially in the colonial era.

The main celebration of the town is in the month of September, the residents celebrate the Virgen del Sagrario, the party calls a large number of people who meet their families to give thanks and live.



Melchor Ocampo no. 3, Zona Centro. Cadereyta de Montes, Qro.

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