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Biodiversity and baroque art are the classic jewels that granted Jalpan de Serra the appointment of Pueblo Magico in 2010.

In the center of the village is the Mission of Santiago de Jalpan, characterized by its quarry façade, with yellow floral decorations that highlight the sculptures of saints and religious symbols. A unique detail in the inferior part of the facade are the figures of eagles that allude to the national symbol. In 2003, UNESCO declared the cultural heritage of humanity to the Franciscan missions located in Jalpan, Tancoyol, Tilaco, Landa de Matamoros and Conca.

Other colonial buildings that are recommended to visit are the post office and the Historical Museum of the Sierra Gorda, formerly Jalpan Fort and also one of the oldest buildings of this place. In the museum there is an ample collection of photographs, archaeological pieces and objects of daily use that are a sample of the natural and historical wealth of the region.

Near Jalpan is the archaeological zone of Tancama, a pre-Hispanic settlement of the Huasteca culture, is composed of three uneven plazas that simulate the shape of a hill, the burials found in the pyramids reveal that its character was ceremonial and astronomical.

The regional food includes dishes with nopales, as well as acamayas and the own zacahuil of the Huasteca region. Cecina is highly prized by travelers as well as regional sweets.

The largest religious festival of the town is held in honor of the Holy Child of Jalpan, thousands of pilgrims come to worship every year in January.



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