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In the middle of the liquid expanse, the camp is ideal for practicing black bass fishing and enjoying the calm that water only produces . The island has 8 fully equipped luxury safari cabins, swimming pool, boats, dock, dump, green areas and a restaurant. The cabins are for up to four people. In one of the banks of the dam you will also find the service of lodging in a comfortable hostel. Fishing and swimming are two favorite activities.

We advise you to bring comfortable and fresh clothes, swimsuit and sun block. It is important to book in advance, as you can only access the camp by reservation. No pets or alcoholic drinks are allowed, only wine.

Cost per person per night: $1,100 pesos.
Child under 12 years: $ 600 pesos.
Includes: transfer by boat, three meals and lodging.

vista aerea de la isla de tzibanza en queretaro

vista desde las cabanas de la isla tzibanza en queretaro




La Isla 115, 76547 Tzibantzá, Cadereyta de Montes, Qro.

Contact phones

T. (773) 136 9339

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