Monument that dominates the landscape of El Pueblito and its surroundings

n the municipality of Corregidora, 15 minutes from the Historic Center of the capital city, is a pre-Hispanic settlement whose name comes from its resemblance to a small hill. It has structures of squares, altars and small rectangular bases, built on rocky outcrops.

Built during the height of Teotihuacan, El Cerrito served as seat of political and religious power from AD 400. Until the arrival of the Spaniards, who appropriated their symbolic value.

Its stage of greater reputation coincides with the splendor and Toltec influence, of which have been numerous examples like columns anthropomorphous in the style of the Atlanteans and sculptures of Chac Mool that still were in the site during the time of the viceroyalty. Important vestiges such as sculptures, tombstones, glyphs, calendars and various figurines have also been found.




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